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Facilities Consulting Group, LLC ("FCG") has performed numerous oil and gas production facility projects in the offshore and onshore environment. Typical projects include:

Process, Civil and Structural Design New Facility Design: Structural, Process, Control Systems, Power, Inspection
Equipment and Piping Design Production Equipment Package Design: Compressors, Separators, Dehydration Equipment, Pumps, Generators, Oil & Water Treatment Equipment, Measurement, etc.
    Decommissioning and Abandonment Management Programs Facility Decommissioning & Abandonment Programs
    CAD Drafting Separation Installation and Upgrades
    Project Management Compressor Installation and Upgrades
    AFE Development Produced Water Treatment Equipment Installations
    Construction Inspection / Field Representation Vent Scrubber Installations and System Upgrades
    Construction Supervision through Start-Up Drilling Mud Mixing Plants and Facilities
    BOEM (*formerly MMS) Regulatory Compliance Portable Building Designs – Offshore Quarters, MCC, Galleys, Storage
Vent and Relief Studies Crane Pedestal Designs and Temporary Crane Installations
    P&ID Walk Downs Slug Catcher Designs for Pipeline Gathering Systems
    P&ID Walk Downs BSEE (*formerly BOEMRE) 14C SAFE Chart and Safety Flow Diagrams
  25 MMSCFD Coal-Bed Methane Compressor Station – Onshore – Alabama
  Facilities Consulting Group Facilities Consulting Group Facilities Consulting Group

This project involved upgrading an existing facility to add three (3) new 1750 HP compressors with electric motor, Variable Frequency Drives, and the associated piping, power and control system design.  This project also involved installation of additional process facility equipment for handling the coal-bed methane production and gas dehydration equipment addition.

  150 MMSCFD / 8,000 BPD Production Facility – Offshore, Gulf of Mexico
  Facilities Consulting Group

This was a full oil and gas production facility with three stages of separation, oil treating and compression. Also included special piping design to accommodate pipe stresses resulting from bridge connected high pressure flowlines. Responsibilities included project management for the full process and mechanical design from conception, AFE development, procurement, site supervision and start-up. Full MMS 14C and SEMS compliance was maintained throughout the project.

  New Production Facility - Offshore Gulf of Mexico
  Facilities Consulting GroupFacilities Consulting Group

FCG personnel performed the entire engineering and design function - structural, process, electrical - for one of the largest caisson supported production facilities in the Gulf of Mexico. This facility had to maintain a minimal profile to keep environmental stresses down. It also had to be adaptable for expansion in the future. The wells were deep-gas wells, with high wellhead temperatures and pressures, with H2S and CO2 fractions. The facility included gas coolers, independent separators for each of 3 wells, complete water handling and disposal, motor controls, chemical injection, and a PLC safety system. The minimal structure had to incorporate the strength of the well conductors in order to resist environmental stresses. The facility is a unique, innovative design that is truly one of a kind.

  1.2 BSCFD Slug Catcher and Condensate Removal Facility - Onshore, LA
  Facilities Consulting Group - Projects

Responsibilities included design, project management and site supervision for a project to replace an existing Slug Catcher and the associated condensate removal facility. The scope of work included development of an innovative design for the slug catcher based on empirical data and separation principles. The scope of work also included process calculations, equipment sizing and specifications for all associated flash separators, gas scrubbers, inter-connecting piping and rotating equipment. Full PSM compliance was maintained throughout the project.

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