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Facilities Consulting Group, LLC ("FCG") provides the detailed engineering required for the design of oil and gas production facilities. The following summarizes some of our capabilities:

Facilities Consulting Group Facilities Consulting Group

This typically involves the conceptual development of process flow diagrams all the way through the detailed P&ID’s, equipment packages, and interconnecting piping design. We are capable of sizing and designing all equipment required to process oil and gas production. Our staff combines many years of experience with equipment fabricators as well as operating companies; and we know how to talk their language.

Our designs help customers conform to PSM and SEMS requirements. We provide the personnel to gather the field information, generate piping isometrics, and perform the required calculations to verify conformance to the applicable codes.


We routinely provide calculations for the design of ASME Code pressure vessels. This includes shell and head thickness calculations as well as nozzle reinforcement calculations. We analyze piping systems for both ANSI B31.3 and B31.8 applications. These calculations are often utilized to support erosion and corrosion programs by predicting the remaining life of vessels and piping systems. Piping Stress Analysis due to thermal expansion / contraction and other service loads is also a service we provide. Other calculations, including detailed Finite Element Analysis studies can be provided as required.

Facilities Consulting Group Facilities Consulting Group

We provide structural engineering for new decks and jackets for offshore structures, or for re-used / refurbished structures. With the new BSEE (*formerly BOEMRE) guidelines and requirements for offshore design, in the wake of the recent natural disasters, innovative and cost effecting engineering is a must - and we do it! We also provide structural design to support our facilities production equipment package design work. We have a structural civil engineer on staff, with a PE stamp. We utilize STAAD, a structural engineering software package, to support our structural engineering analysis. We can also provide “old-fashioned-hand-calculations” to analyze structural elements that don’t necessarily fit into or warrant software analysis.


Our services include the capability to provide the civil engineering design to support our projects. This includes reinforced concrete foundations, buildings and site drainage.


We provide electrical engineering services to support our facilities projects. This includes power distribution, MCC design and selection, lighting and control. PLC control system design is also available, as required.


We provide the Project Management support required for your Facility Decommissioning and Abandonment Programs. We are in tune with the latest requirements by BSEE, and familiar with all of the Contractors who perform the removals. Our staff has managed removal of over 400 structures in the Gulf of Mexico. We can handle all of your bidding, permitting, scheduling, cost control, and inspection requirements for decommissioning and abandonment of “Sunset Properties”. Our team will help you develop your AFE’s, and work plans for your structure and pipeline abandonment needs. We work with and are familiar with the capabilities of the contractors in the decommissioning business, to assure you a quality job. We’ve been doing Abandonment work continuously for the last 13 years. We know the process, from permitting up front, to site clearance trawling and verification on the end.

Below are some photos of typical Abandonment projects that we’ve managed:

Facilities Consulting Group Facilities Consulting Group
Piping Design &
CAD Drafting

We provide all aspects of piping design and drafting. This covers development of interconnecting piping systems for new projects as well as gathering field dimensions for modifications and upgrades to existing systems. We prepare piping plans and elevations, isometric spool drawings, and QA/QC isometrics for mechanical integrity programs. We utilize the latest software packages for our 3-D CAD design capabilities, including AutoCAD, and CADWorx. We routinely provide as-built P&ID’s for facilities and plants in order to satisfy the PSM and SEMS requirements.

BSEE Regulatory

We have many years experience in providing SAFE Charts and Safety Flow Diagrams for oil and gas production facilities. We are current on the requirements of the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) and deal with them on a regular basis. This familiarity allows us to openly discuss specific interpr etations prior to submittal thus avoiding rejections and INC’s.

Many of our clients have adopted API RP 14C for their onshore facilities. We have worked closely with them in order to address the issues resulting from application of an offshore document for onshore facilities without compromising the integrity of the systems. This has resulted in an excellent program for the onshore facilities.

Construction Coordination
and Inspection

Our staff of seasoned construction coordinators and inspectors is second to none with respect to experience in production and construction operations. We are very selective when we chose our field representatives for our projects, maintaining the highest level of experience required for the job, and paying particular  attention to critical requirements involving simultaneous operations, Safety management and assurance, logistical coordination, progress communications, and project cost / schedule control.

Rental Crane

No single consulting company has managed more temporary (Rental) crane projects in the world. Our staff is intimately familiar with the equipment available for these types of projects, and the pitfalls and obstacles associated with them. We can manage every aspect of the project from equipment selection to crane reaction calculations and analysis. We verify welded attachment integrity, and host platform structural integrity for resisting the crane overturning moment and thrust forces. We perform lift and equipment placement and interference analysis, rigging design, and weight control management for these projects.

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